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Domestic easy ways to fix your mind on the nose off

Your nose is a painful problem which affects the daily work. Your nose can not enter due to insufficient oxygen in our body as a result of changes in karirtu we feel weak, cold, infections, allergies, etc. can be a problem due to the closure of the nose.

Domestic some simple ways to get rid of the tedious nose is closed. Let us assume that is the simplest method.

Take hot heat-

Take a basin of hot water and mix some camphor. Your face and a thick towel over the head with a large bowl and cover with water so that the hot water bhapata goes directly to your nose. If the hot water temperature must be tolerable for your skin breath hayaebara ninaebhabe take a little breath of hot air to melt the nose inner slesmake karegarama water bath, but the benefits will be the same.

II. Eat more fluid-

Water, juice, soups etc. slesmake thin liquid meal times, playing in the nose, sinus pressure and pressure drop over the meaning of diminishing inflammation and pain. If you have a sore throat and a stuffy nose with hot tea and warm soups to reduce the pain of playing.

3. Take the smell of black cumin-

A small handkerchief with some black cumin to create a small truss. Take a few minutes to warm palm pumtulita smudge. The pungent smell of the nose to nose breathing ninakalajirara then it will help to clean up.

1. Sleep as much as possible to keep the head elevated while sleeping pillows.
II. As many times as is necessary to remove the nose clean and keep tissues to hand.
3. Use tissue odorless
4. Avoid spicy foods.
5. You can use saline spray.

If you follow the procedures specified in the nose, and is not well-off, please contact your doctor.

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