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This follow to keep your teeth healthy

Understand the status of teeth, dentists have. A sweet smile when completed, will be with his teeth, like a diamond. Impressed the whole world.

We need to take care of the body with the teeth. Some of our regular doctor’s advice to keep good teeth play the game ucith

1. The teeth should be brushed twice a day. Of course in the morning and at night before going to bed.

II. You should always wash your mouth after eating.

3. Use liquid toothpaste to prevent tooth decay.

4. Change your toothbrush every 3 months.

5. Eat diet compliance. Eat fruits and vegetables in particular.

6. When you eat protein, your body will fill the shortage, such as fish, meat, eggs, beans, etc. the national diet.

7. To prevent tooth decay, sweet, sour foods Eat less.

8. To prevent bacteria from the mouth of tea.

9. After the meal sweetened cebana tuingama. The expression on your face mayescaraijada will be fine.

10. Do not smoke. Or smokeless tobacco Khan. It will be good for your teeth.

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