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Fairness risk of breast cancer than women, but why

Cancer rates are increasing day after day. Besirayabhaga women are affected by this disease. Research is going on with this disease, one after another, and coming up with different results. According to a new research fair chance of getting breast cancer is more common in women. However, women’s breast cancer walk, food habits, and how many children they have to rely on.

Published in the British Journal of Cancer study was conducted by researchers at Oxford University. This has been gabesamaya other women, brown women’s risk of breast cancer is less than 15 per cent.

According to the study, the number of women and children for a long time they had their stanapana them much less likely in the case of the fatal disease. Lead researcher torala gathani said, “For all women should know stanakyanasarera risk factors. Obesity, excessive alcohol drinking may increase the risk of breast cancer.

So let this drop women can get breast cancer, escape. “However, with regard to breast cancer should be ekadikei. If you see any kind of change or change in the breast skin should immediately consult a doctor. Yakata quickly understand the problem, but the sooner the system can be easily resolved with this disease.

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